Cooking Surface Cleaners


Grill and Oven Cleaner

A highly alkaline concentrate for cleaning burned on carbon grease and protein from ovens and grills.

#1086452 L

Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT and 4/1 GAL


Xtra-Power Degreaser

R-T-U grill, oven, fryer, hood, concentrated general purpose degreaser & floor cleaner.


Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT, 4/1 G, 55 G


Clinging G&O Cleaner / Viscous Oven Cleaner

Clings to vertical oven walls and hoods. Pleasing fragrance. Outstanding performance.


Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT


High Temp G&O Cleaner

A ready-to-use high temperature grill and oven cleaner that has a combination of surfactants and builders to release soils from all cooking surfaces.


Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT


Carbon Remover / Smoker Cleaner

Removes heavy, baked on grease, oils, pitch build-up and carbonized soils.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G