RTU General Purpose Cleaners


R-T-U Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

R-T-U glass and multi-surface cleaner. Anti-fogging formula ideal for glass cooler surfaces.


Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT, 4/1 G


R-T-U Citrus APC / All Purpose Cleaner

R-T-U cleaner for all hard surfaces, floors and counters. A great laundry pre-spotter.


Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT


Lemon Bright

All Purpose Cleaner with bleach for counter tops, vending machines and most surfaces.


Pack Sizes: 6/1 QT



Exceptional cleaner and polish for stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain, desks, kitchen cabinets, formica surfaces and more. Not recommended for use on floors.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G, 6/1 QT