Kitchen Products – Simple Solutions


Premium Pot & Pan Detergent – ERP

Premium, concentrated liquid detergent formulated for the manual washing of pots, pans, utensils, glasses and dishes.  Gentle on hands.  Safe to use on all ware.  Economical.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G, 5 G


LSR / Delimer – ERP

A non-fuming, acid detergent used to remove lime deposits from kitchen equipment, dishmachines and utensils.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G


Flatware Presoak Powder – ERP

A powdered flatware presoak.


Pack Sizes: 2/10 LB


Liquid Mechanical Dish Detergent – ERP

A heavy duty, mechanical dishmachine detergent for use in recirculating high temperature and low temperature mechanical dishmachines.


Pack Sizes: 5 G, 1/30 G


Metalsafe Encapsulated Machine Detergent – ERP

Encapsulated chlorinated dishmachine detergent formulated for use in high temperature dishmachines.


Pack Sizes: 4/8 LB


All-Temp Rinse Additive – ERP

Liquid, concentrated rinse additive for use in high temperature or low temperature dishmachines.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G, 5 G