Lime Removers / Presoaks


LSR / Delimer

Removes routine lime build up and scale from dish machines, brewers, and steam tables.


Pack Sizes: 2/1 G, 4/1 G, 55 G


LSR / Steamtable Lime Scale Remover

Non-hydrochloric acid LSR for steam tables.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G


LSR / Heavy Duty Delimer

Heavy duty lime solvent for urns & dish machines. Use with protective covering.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G


Liquid Flatware Presoak

An economical presoak that removes tough food soils from stainless flatware and loosens baked-on food soils from aluminum pots and pans.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G. 1/5 G


Stainless Plus / Liquid Stainless Presoak

A liquid presoak formulated to remove tough food soils on stainless flatware.  DO NOT USE ON SILVER FLATWARE.


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G


Silver Presoak Powder

A powdered presoak formulated to remove tough food soils on silver and stainless flatware and to detarnish silverware.


Pack Sizes: 2/10 LB, 2/8 LB, 4/8 LB


Tableware Destainer

An oxygen destainer which removes coffee, tea and other food stains from china, plastic, stainless steel, pots and coffee makers.


Pack Sizes: 2/10 LB