Yep, It’s time…Lost hair and…

Yep, It’s time…To spring into action


The calendar may say it’s Spring, but most of us are still in that goofy weather period of gloves and hat one day and shirtsleeves the next! But fear not, pretty soon the flowers will be blooming, and the sound of lawnmowers and buzzing weed whippers will fill the air of our neighborhoods.


On the positive side that change means our seasonal accounts will be coming back to life and on the flip side the return of those frustrating springtime sore hand complaints!


As for our seasonal customers, we probably need to call and check in, or just drop by to make sure they’re stocked up and the equipment is ready to run. And those ladies at the school who’ll be complaining that your pot and pan detergent is irritating their hands? We probably need to cut that one off at the pass too.


That means reminding the ladies in kitchen that Spring is the prime season for dermatitis because it the time of the year when folks are cleaning flower beds and abrading their skin – which allows the natural bacteria in the dirt to irritate and redden those soft little pinkies.


Of course, you might also want to drop off a big bottle of hand lotion when you offer that heads-up. That way you get an attaboy for thinking of them and just maybe head off an unjustified product complaint that’s sure to come in the next couple of weeks!

Lost hair and…A disaster averted


So here you are after what you thought was a great thirty-day trial. But you’re sitting in the car frustrated beyond reason because that sure-fire summary of those great results fell flat. It turns out despite all those positives they decided they’re giving the incumbent another chance!


Talk about incompressible! It’s enough to make a grown man pull out his hair and groan in utter frustration.


So, what, if anything can you do to rescue the situation? Truth is, if you don’t come up with a new path forward, and even if he blows that second chance, the likelihood’s slim they’ll be calling you with hat in hand asking you to install your equipment. But maybe there’s a sliver of hope that you can make that happen.


That option is to take lots of pictures of your installation and get them to agree to let you take samples of the current results and allow you to return in thirty days contrast those results with what they’ll then be receiving. In addition, try to the okay to track his usage as well, so costs can be compared apples to apples.


Obviously, the incumbent might wake up and deliver great results and costs, but what do you have to lose – beyond the rest of your hair?