Under the hood…Operator training…

Under the hood…More soaper math

We understand that machine detergent use is calculated as a percent concentration. But the math that underlies that handy “plug and slug” number on a titration chart may not be on the tips of our tongues.

First off, that percentage listed is simply the weight of detergent in that solution as a percent of the weight of the water. If we’re running at .2% concentration that means that each gallon of water in that wash tank contains exactly .01666 pounds of detergent.

The math is: 8.33 pounds per gallon times .002  equals .0166 pounds or .266 ounces (.01666 X 16 = .266 ounces). So, if the wash tank holds 18 gallons, at .2% it will contain 4.79 ounces of detergent (18 X .266 = 4.79).

In the survey selling approach that same math can be used to calculate a prospects’ estimated detergent usage. That technique can be used to propose a prospects’ estimated usage by taking the detergent usage per wash tank change, plus the detergent needed to treat the freshwater dilution per each rack washed and arrive at a daily, weekly or monthly consumption number.

Next up: Where exactly is that titration end point?


Operator training…and daily frustration

Somebody with a great sense of humor whimsically codified the rule of dumb. It went like this: “They’re dumber than you thought and there are far more of them that you believe”. While it was meant as a funny line, there are those days  when it feels as though it’s all too true.

Maybe it’s nowhere more apparent than in the case of operator training that we so religiously deliver and that’s so frequently ignored, or just not followed.

Frankly about a third of that frustrating outcome is probably explained by the above rule. The next third is simply the result of a lack of interest on the part of that operator to listen and or follow your earnestly offered input.

Generally that second third and the last one fall at our feet. Maybe because it gets so repetitive we occasionally mail it in rather than delivering an interesting or even entertaining training session. But regardless of which third is scuttling the goal of our training we still need to do what we can to leave that call with a well-informed operator.

Next up: Refreshing the training approach.