Training and discipline… We understand both

Early on we came to understand that training wasn’t a once in a while, or occasional kind of activity. Nope. It’s an ongoing process that pretty much requires our constant attention. That’s true in the case of that dishroom operator, laundry room worker and especially ourselves and our associates.

But today it really focuses heavily on the folks who’re responsible for making certain that contact surfaces in nursing care facilities, food prep areas and pretty much any surface patrons might touch is thoroughly cleaned and hopefully disinfected with both the correct products and procedures.

Additionally, we have to be mindful of protecting our own health by seriously practicing that six-foot social distance rule and the frequent hand washing recommendations that are being promoted so strongly. Following those two can mean the difference between breezing through this epidemic unscathed and not.

The hand washing one is pretty straight forward. If you touch something that not likely clean, wash ‘em. As for social distancing even if we work with a person and we’re both feeling fine, separate by six feet. A simple rule to follow is this: If you don’t live under the same roof with that person, stay six feet away. Simple as that.

With luck, and a lot of discipline we’ll see the light at the end of this tunnel sooner rather than later and we’ll see our customers (and our 401k’s) bounce back. We will get through this challenge and with all of us doing both our share and being smart, it really can be sooner

Chocolates and… Coronavirus

As Forest Gump’s mother said. “Like is like a box of chocolates” (because you never know what you’ll get). Likewise, sales of sanitizers, hands soap and anything that can be used to ward off infectious maladies, is in very high demand these days. That said, with the list of states and municipalities that are in real or virtual lockdown, it’s getting pretty tough to do business.

For many of us that means marking time and trying to keep ourselves – and the family amused and otherwise productively occupied. For distributors however, that’s largely not the case. They’re seeing high demands to keep food supplies flowing to support the restaurants offering carry out food, and especially their nursing care and hospital customers who still need everything (and more).

One constant in all this chaos, is the goodwill that’s being seen – from helping our older neighbors shop for groceries, to folks supporting first responders and health care workers. Setting aside the need to help our neighbors and families, don’t forget your customers many of whom are being tested in a pretty severe way.

That restaurateur who’s struggling to pay rent, utilities (and you) with little or no money coming in, probably needs our thoughts and support as well. But despite the seriousness of the situation, let’s all make sure we keep our sense of humor and above all, maintain a positive spirit. We’ll get through this. 😊