Timing is everything…Comfort customers

Timing is everything…And we have time


Yep we’re officially entering the downhill part of 2018. We’ve been through the winter snows, enjoyed spring and now see that fall is lot closer than we’d like.


You’re likely having a great year, but in all likelihood, have a lot more than half of what you’d hoped to accomplish yet to be done. Yep, we’re (once again) realizing that our goals that looked so reasonable back in late 2017 are starting to look a bit more challenging.


Assuming you’re not ahead of the game (kudos if you are), this is the time to reassess those 2018 goals to decide if they’re still attainable. And if they are, identify what you’ll need to do to make them a reality.


If you’re short on the number of active prospects needed to support that goal, does it mean finding a few extra hours each week to address the higher level of prospecting? Or might it be that you have enough active prospects, but need to step up your game to accelerate the speed of closing them?


No matter the direction you need to take, the best news is that there’s time to make the mid-year course correction and stay on target. So, maybe this weekend instead of weeding that garden, those few hours spent perspiring outdoors might be better spent in air-conditioned comfort re-tuning your business plan.


Comfort customers…And their downside


We all have that comfortable customer or two … or three. You know the ones who make few if any demands on you, appreciates everything you do for them, pay their bills on time and probably even let you write their orders for them. So, what could possibly be an issue here?


Well, the problem is that our “comfort customers” can become safe ports in the storm that we can easily overuse. We tend to drop in on them whenever the pressures of business life get a bit too intense and because we do that we also tend to over service them because…well just because.


Now there’s nothing wrong with having one, or even a few of these comfort stops, but if visiting them habitually starts to impact on our undertaking the less pleasant or more challenging tasks – like cold calling, that can be a problem.


The temptation to make that stop where we’re appreciated is understandable and indeed it’s a nice way to recharge our batteries, battered egos and frayed nerves, but only to a point.


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