The Truth Can Be… Looking Back On…

The truth can be …kinda unknowable.

So you’re stumped. Keeping that new account absolutely requires that you run the machine at .15% or even a bit less. The good news is that you can get really good results at that concentration.

But the hitch in your giddy up is that the dispensers’ range swing is such that at the low-end point it drops to an unmanageable .025%. When it does, the electrode sometimes limes up and then the concentration soars! And with that control loss, your chances of keeping the business evaporates.

Now it may be that we can’t eliminate it, but there are a few things we can do to offset the problem – or at least minimize it. And that’s to alter relative position of the electrode and the detergent injection point. Another approach could be to select a different electrode type. If we’re using a probe maybe an old style two button type would minimize the problem.

Truth is the currents and eddies that swirl inside a wash tank would require a supercomputer to chart. So, while it may seem logical that injecting the detergent directly above the electrode is the closest path between them, it could actually be the longest.

But no matter which it is, by changing the point where you’re injecting the detergent, or the location of that electrode (or its’ type), you might just find it might just solve your dilemma.


Looking back on…our future plans

Yep, it’s actually 2024. And yes, it was just twelve months ago when we were all so sure we’d accomplish the lion’s share of the goals we set back in January of ’23. But alas that wasn’t the case. And we now find ourselves sitting on a few leftovers that we’ll flip over to start 2024’s list.

With that shortfall in mind, this might be the year to do two things: First maybe we ought to reel in a bit of the enthusiasm in setting 2024’s goals so they’re a bit closer to what can be accomplished. And secondly (and more importantly) we really need to get a little more disciplined about attacking them aggressively.

Truths is we’re all prone to look at our calendars (and clocks) and think we have plenty of time to accomplish (insert goal here). But only later we find that we didn’t and realize that we’d kind of squandered some of what we thought was more than enough time to get it all done.

So, if we can make one New Year’s resolution that will change our lives this year it’s this: Do it now. And don’t delude ourselves into thinking there’s always tomorrow to do it.