Solving problems…Summer planning…

Solving problems…Creatively


For some Soapers the laundry business is intimidating while for others it’s a welcome opportunity to exercise their ability to solve problems innovatively. On the warewashing front we’re pretty much limited to a choice of detergents and or drying agent and maybe some minor temperature tweaking – along with the possibility of adjusting the freshwater feedback on larger machines.


But the laundry gets a lot more interesting because there we can pretty much alter the entire range of WATCH principles and attack a problem in more than one way. Take an account with flatwork makeup staining. There we could address it by simply increasing the detergent or bleach injection. Or we could look at the temperatures (or cycle durations) in either, or both, the wash and or prewash cycles.


If we suspect that some of the stains are being set by a split temperature (or hot) first cycle, we could add a cold-water flush at the front end of the formula. And we could also try altering (or adding) a linen sorting protocol to segregate those stained sheets and pillow cases for processing in a separate formula designed to deal with those stubborn stains.


Yep. The laundry market is the more challenging domain of our world. But it’s also the most rewarding in terms of applying our analytic and problem-solving skills. Oh, and the money’s not bad either!

Summer planning …Home and away


So, you planned ahead … In February you spread weed and feed on the lawn, In March you cleaned out the flower beds and spread new mulch, in April you sharpened the mower blades and even change the oil! So much for the old homestead.


But what about the thing you do that pays the mortgage and lets you buy that mulch and fertilizer? You know, your business … and making sure its “tools” are ready for a hot, busy summer.


Are the tires on the old service van ready for a lot of busy highway travel? How about the oil and filter that was last changed who knows when?  And then there’s the trusty tool kit that’s probably missing a few sockets and those side cutter pliers, plus a few Philips head screwdrivers that’ve seen better days. Oh, there’s that wrinkled up tube of silicone sealant that’s just about given up its last bit.


Yep. Maybe it’s time to take the van to the shop for a bit of love and after that’s done, a drive to the hardware store to replenish that tool kit. And while you’re there, why not pick up some drill bits that will actually work and perhaps a new lithium battery to replace the one that hardly holds a charge any more.