Scrapping and racking…Avoiding the crisis…

Scrapping and racking…not rocket science

Funny that something so darn simple (scrapping and racking) can be so utterly madding. We try hard to ensure that our operators get it, but again and again it’s clear that they either don’t … or don’t care. But perhaps that’s because we failed to explain that doing it right will benefit them. Because done correctly, they’ll have less racks to run and fewer complaints over still dirty tableware that has to be rerun.

Let’s start with a factoid: A rack will, on average, process twenty-two pieces of tableware. And overall, a rack will process about four place settings. That is or course only true if those racks are properly loaded. And that’s where that “easier on you” pitch comes in.

We need to point out that if they don’t overload them plates won’t shield one another, resulting in both fewer rewashes and complaints. And that if they’re loaded correctly, the maximum number of plates are washed per cycle and the quicker they’re done.

Ditto prescrapping. If they practice using the heal of their hand as you’ve taught and use that T&S sprayer methodically, the wash tanks’ soil load will be lessened. That not only means cleaner ware, but longer times between having to drain and refill that wash tank.

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Avoiding the crisis…Time to stock up

Yep, Turkey Day, Christmas and the entire holiday season is just about to arrive. Moreover any account of yours that even slightly resembles a banquet site – or that just has tables that can seat eight or more are about to get slammed. And even those who are just prone to increased business with customers being off for the holidays are in the same boat – although maybe not quite as seriously.

But to the point, the holiday boom means that we need to make certain that all of our targeted eateries are both well stocked and running as well as they can. That second one is particularly critical. Breaking down in the middle of a crushed dining day is not what either you or they want to see. More to the point, it’s not what you want to be remembered for either.

So, this week might be the perfect time to (literally) take stock and convince them that it’s time to bump up that safety inventory level to be prepared for the almost certain crush that’s headed their way. And it’s also time to think through who needs what repaired, adjusted, or perhaps just tuned up and get those tasks out of the way before the holiday tsunami hits.

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