One last step…Time out…

One last step… to correcting

So, you tried sandwiching that constructive criticism with a bit of praise and even added that dash of personal upside benefit to the mix and still got nowhere. Now what? Does that mean that it’s time for some tough love and maybe some pretty harsh straight talk? And does that decision mean that you’ll have to experience an unpleasant steely eyed showdown?
Not necessarily, although it may have to come to that (or worse) if it’s absolutely necessary. But fortunately, there are some work arounds that can preserve team spirit and still have a good chance of correcting that undesired behavior – or improving that acceptable, but less than desirable performance.
But doing that requires both finesse and focus.
That something is to approach that session more like an intervention than a managerial episode. And like an intervention, we need to begin with establishing that our intent is positive, supportive and that we actually care personally about that subordinate. Then as gently – but also as honestly as possible laying out the case for what has to change. Hopefully if that message is received – even if only partially, the process of achieving real change can begin.
Next up: Parting ways when all else fails.

Time out… For you

Recharging the old batteries is something that we all need to do occasionally and there may not be a better time to do so than in the depth of the winter bla’s. Of course, for a lot of us it might not be in the cards to jump on the next flight to the land of Pina Coladas and sunscreen. But there’s still hope.
Likely the combination of demanding work schedule and bank balance is a limiting factor for a good many of us. But the possibilities for depressurizing closer to home, with less time required and with a lower dollar impact are still possible.
Consider a trip to a kid friendly hotel resort with the indoor pool / play area, a day at the casino if that’s your taste, a nearby hiking trip, an overnight date night to see a play, maybe a few days at a local ski hill, or even a museum you’ve thought of visiting. Any of them will do in a pinch.
No matter what you might choose, the point is that we all need some occasional down time to refresh and renew our spirits. And while we’re at it that includes our families too!