Measure it at…Goals and…

Measure it at…both ends

Okay so we realize that the sensitivity of a probe-based controller can be compromised by the conductivity of stuff in that water that isn’t detergent. But what can we do to in the first place to identify that range so we can know if it might get us into runaway concentration trouble?

Ironically, it’s a procedure that simply needs to be part of our everyday titration habit. Namely to measure the concentration at both the feed on and feed off points. By doing that we might discover that the swing between them is say .125%.

Here’s the rub: If we were targeting a middle range concentration of .15%, it would result in a low end (feed on) strength of an impossibly low .025% and a high-end (feed off) point of .275%.

While that range will mathematically average the .15% target we have in mind, it can also result in a runaway feed problem.  But even if it doesn’t, it will almost certainly mean that when the wash tank is anywhere near that .025% feed-on concentration the ware isn’t being washed very well and that a crummy results trouble call is pretty sure to follow.

Next up: Addressing that range problem.

Goals and…Accounting for them

Um, yes, it’s actually the end of 2023. And if you’re like nearly everyone else, there are a few   2023’s goals that somehow that are still undone.

But rather than lament over those shortcomings, maybe we’d do better to take  a moment to celebrate the ones we actually accomplished. Chances are those gains were significant and will bode well for a running start on the new year.

Another way to look at the positive side of falling short is that it’s only human nature to underestimate the time things take to get done. Thank of that last home project. You know like the one weekend landscaping project that took a week to wrap up?

So maybe the issue was simply biting off a bit more that we could chew. But in the end it’s not a bad thing to let our goals slightly exceed our grasp. That way if nothing less, we have a few of 2024’s goals ready to tee up!