It’s a lot more…August angst and…

It’s a lot more…than some think


Planning that installation is a bit more involved than having a serviceable dispenser to install. It’s also more than having the necessary tools, connectors, wires, conduit and, of course, the starting chemical supply. It takes time…time to plan exactly what will need our attention and the time to do the necessary initial training for the folks who will be doing the real work in the morning.


Will the machine need to be descaled? If so, do you have enough lime scale remover and perhaps the scrapers to get that job done? How about the condition of the wash arm bushings on that door type, or the wash arm dogs on that conveyor unit? Will the rinse jets need to be replaced and how about that standpipe O ring? And how do the curtains look…and are they in their proper locations?


Beyond the machine, where will the wall charts be placed and is the wall surface amenable to double faced tape, or will wall mollies be needed? How about the T&S sprayer? Is it wearing the familiar rag at its base to contain the leaks? If so, a rebuild is in order and will pay off in better pre-scrapping and lower soil loads in that wash tank.


Yep, there’s a lot to getting a new (to you) operation up and running, but done correctly, your thorough attention to all those details will go far in cementing the relationship that you’ve just begun to cultivate.


August angst and…September’s sting


Yep, it’s kinda Fall. Well maybe not technically, but our vacations are in the rear-view mirror, the kids have been back in school for a couple of weeks, and despite the still hot days, the weather is now in that iffy mode when it might be hot and muggy or cool and soggy.


And then there’s that last credit card bill…You know, the one with most of the charges from that wonderful August vacation and all the back to school stuff the kids needed!


So maybe this might be a good time to rustle up a few extra bucks. And maybe that can be done while you’re doing a service for most of our customers. That something is getting their machine’s curtains updated. And while we’re at it, what about a few new racks to replace the ones with the chewed-up drive sections and maybe a few tall wine glass racks to cut down on breakage?


The money’s certainly good and the end result will both save money and improve results. If you do a bit of math and figure there are at least twenty-five customers who need curtains and maybe and even more who need a couple of racks…Well, you do the math. And once you do, maybe that credit card bill won’t hurt so much when you have to cut that big check.