Head winds…Goals are good…


Head winds…and tail winds


There are times when we’re benefited from outside forces and then there are those “other” times. You know, when no matter how hard you try you’re bedraggled by bad Karma.


Here’s the point through: When it’s the bad stuff holding us down, we’re keenly aware of that negative. But like the bicycle rider with a ten mile per hour tail wind, we are oblivious to that invisible support.


In business generally and in sales particularly, good winds are occasionally present. Like that call when the buyer was having a particularly positive day … or maybe your face reminded him of a favorite uncle. Or take any number of “invisible” effects. No matter the source, they helped, and we likely never noticed. Of course, if someone had interrupted our pitch with bad news that irritated that buyer, well that’s an entirely different matter.


The bottom line is stuff happens. Sometimes good. Sometimes not. What we can control we need to and what we can’t, well, we can’t. All we really can do is have another run at it and hope for a bit of luck … and maybe just a little tail wind.


Goals are good…Good goals are better


We certainly understand that step one in achieving success it to have clear, achievable and measurable goals. Regrettably all too often we opt to set a goal that’s a bit (or maybe a lot) beyond our capability. And when we do, the predictable result is to then either beat ourselves up over our poor execution or being a knucklehead for setting a bad target … or we subconsciously decide to stop setting goals altogether!


Clearly none of those options are constructive and the last two borders on self-destructive behavior.

Getting up in the morning is lot easier when the tasks we’re faced with accomplishing are both doable and pleasant. Rolling out to tackle a tough job is a bit different. But when the list of to-dos’ is populated with the tough but still doable, it gets a lot easier.


With that in mind, maybe we need to address setting goals with more “accomlishability” in mind. If we do – and maybe stretch ourselves just a little, perhaps those goals will end with good accomplishments.