Going torchless…It’s our life…

Going torchless…Smitten with Sharkbite


So, despite the priceyness of them, you’re now a Sharkbite fitting devotee. There’s no denying that their ease of use (compared to using that torch, flux, solder and copper fittings – not to mention the singed fingers) makes them pretty darn attractive. But given their premium cost, the primary decision is probably which ones to stock in your go-to toolbox.


Given the range of plumbing issues we tend to face we first have to consider if we can get by with half inch only sizes, or if we’ll have to double up our inventory to include the three-quarter inch category as well.


Then come the actual fittings to buy. For sure we need several shut-off valves and some 90-degree elbows and perhaps a tee or two. Then there’s the truly ingenious slip fitting that allows you to splice that valve or tee into a rigid line that can’t be “persuaded” enough to insert that new piece. And then come the reducer fittings that allow connection of smaller diameter pex or copper water feed lines to our canister bowl. Whew!


The problem with our affection for this great tool is that we can end up feeling like we have more Sharkbite inventory than the local Loews or Home Depot! But with some prudence we can stock up sufficiently to cover most installations, as well as that “gusher” emergency that’s especially the providence of this handy plumbing innovation.


Of course, maybe we’ll still want to hang on to that old torch and all its’ associated gear just in case we find we’re short one of these handy (even if overpriced) fittings at the worst possible time!


It’s our life…Unscripted & undesired


As if dealing with unwanted and untimely interruptions when we’re selling wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with those “unscripted issues” that can confound us and create havoc in our schedule. Those “surprises” have the habit of taking us completely off track and undoing that days’ well-choreographed coverage plan that we were following so diligently.


Take that 11 AM emergency call from a great account … located at on the opposite end of your territory!


You drop what you’re doing, drive like mad to get there before the lunch rush and you successfully wrap it up just in the nick of time. But it’s now 12:30, you’re more than a little dirty and you’re wondering how to salvage the day. You could drive back to the 1:30 nursing home sales call you’d planned, but you’re not exactly looking fresh and neat for that occasion.


This is where you probably call a time out, reschedule that sales call and pull out your coverage plan to determine how you can spend the rest of the day in the area you’re already in. You don’t waste any more time and who knows, maybe those two or three service calls you make that afternoon might be just the buffer you’ll need to accommodate next week’s unscheduled crisis on the other side of your territory!