Carrots, peas…Racing and selling…

Carrots, peas …And Matinees


Last week’s reference to “comfort customers” evokes images of a different, less benign form of work avoidance – the matinee. Those movie parking lots that seem to be oddly busy on weekday afternoons are (regrettably) and occasionally occupied by some of us sales types taking a time out.


Likewise, that river overlook, or other peaceful location can serve as an oasis of calm for the bedraggled soaper. But none of those are at all productive and are the last place we ought to be found.


But indeed, we’re occasionally guilty and if that shoe fits, it might be best to consider what aspect of the job is leading us to the escape from its’ responsibilities. Is it fear of cold calls? Maybe it’s a troubling collection situation that’s just too intimidating or difficult.


Perhaps it just a matter of too many demands and not enough time that has us rattled. But no matter cause or the chosen distraction, the circumstance that led us to that matinee or other distraction will remain and will not have improved.


Maybe the better solution would be to immediately attack that daunting challenge right then and there. Just like eating our carrots first when we were kids, it won’t be nearly as distasteful as we’d thought.


Racing and selling…Not all that different


Winner of the Daytona 500, The Indianapolis 500 and Formula 1 World Champion driver Mario Andretti once quipped, “If you feel you’re in complete control, you’re not going fast enough”. While we’re not race drivers, that might just be a piece of advice from which we could all benefit.


Maybe we need to scare ourselves a bit.


Truth is most of us are in a comfortable place. We’ve been doing this job for a few (or a lot) of years and are pretty comfy. We’ve mastered the technical stuff, have amassed a nice book of business and while we’d certainly like more money, things are pretty good. So, what’s holding us back from advancing? Probably nothing but us … and a bit of complacency.


Once we’ve accepted that uncomfortable truth, the path forward is pretty simple. If you find laundries daunting because you’re not comfortable with programming he machines, jump in and learn how to do it. If floor care is a mystery, go find a friendly housekeeper and ask for help. In short, whatever it is that’s holding you back, get out of the “in-control zone” and start moving ahead again.