Been a nice summer…Listen up…

Been a nice summer…But it’s over


Well, it’s really Fall and for those seasonal customers that you haven’t already closed up, you need to get on with it. Aside from the obvious reasons like getting the machine ready to withstand freezing temps, there’s the matter of getting that last invoice collected. Of course, if that account is part of an operation like a church camp that otherwise runs year-round, that matter may not be all that pressing.


But for that snowbird operator who heads south to operate in a warm weather locale, it’s a lot more urgent. That beach crab shack, chili dog stand, or lobster roll operator who’s perhaps heading off to Florida, would be perfectly happy to slip quietly out of town and deal with your September bill in April or May of 2019!


Billings and winterizing equipment aside, there’s also the issue of the storage of remaining inventory. While some of your chemicals are freeze stall stable, others are not capable of withstanding sub 320F temps. They obviously need a safe place to over-winter. Finally, it’s not a bad idea to ask them if they intend to operate next year – so that you can decide if you want to keep your equipment in place or remove it.


Next up: Freeze stall stable versus do not freeze


Listen up…Time to change?


Is it time to freshen your cold call presentation? You know, that pretty much stock pitch you make depending on the account you’re pitching?


Chances are the opening line and the attention getting comment that you use on that laundry call are pretty much word for word what you’ve been mouthing for a year or more. Ditto what you say when you approach that new restaurant prospect.


Now don’t be mistaken. Delivering what some might call a “canned pitch” isn’t undesirable. In fact, it’s virtually certain to be preferable to some impromptu pitch that we might deliver off the top of our heads. But even a great presentation benefits from occasional freshening.


Beyond the constant improvement aspect of that freshening, there’s the upside that those changes can enliven our delivery because they are new – and as an added benefit might just be a bit more interesting to prospects as we deliver them!


Next up: Evaluating just what to change.