Iran clad solutions…Summer thoughts…

Iron clad solutions…sleuthing vs. solving

Too many of us have chased our tails too often (and maybe for too long) unsuccessfully dealing with linen and terry that’s occasionally (and unexplainably) yellow. Initially we were convinced it was the result of either some phantom food or medicine stain, or that it was “drier burn” only to have it pop up a week later after we thought we’d banished it.

Maybe we either never pulled out our iron stain test kit, or when we did it got confusing because the fabric tested positive for iron, but inexplicably the water didn’t. If and when we finally figured it out, we might have realized that the on-off-again nature of the problem should have been our first clue.

The water may not always have been carrying dissolve FE or elemental iron. Maybe that decades old cast iron water main that services the building in which the laundry resides sits idle on weekends when very little water is being used. But come Monday morning when they fire up the laundry’s operation, whoosh in comes a shot of seriously iron laden water. But an hour or two later you arrive and presto the water’s free of any of its traces.

Sometimes we need to be more sleuth than chemical expert. And iron tends to be one of those cases where it can be handy to play detective and as a way to ease our troubled minds as well as helping a frustrated customer.

Next up: Dealing with that iron (and more).


Summer thoughts…And its’ coming close

So here we sit with 66% of the year now behind us. The kids are back at school, vacations are over, the pumpkins are turning orange and we’re ready to see the fireworks this Memorial Day weekend.

But are we ready for Fall and even the chilly nights that are soon coming? Moreover, are our seasonal customers ready for the soon to be coming end of summer shutdown? Even more importantly have you collected their last invoice?

If not, this is the time to get both chores done before they flee south and leave you hanging until they return next April – and then plead poormouth! You have to winterize their equipment anyway, so why not put the push on now to collect that last bill – especially while their pockets are flush with the proceeds of their last big weekend?

That matter aside, there are the new sales that we budgeted for the year. If we’re not quite on target as of 8/31 there’s still a third of 2023 left in which to close that gap. That leaves us one final matter: Get out the leaf blower and rake.  The leaves are just about ready to start falling! 😊