Happy Thanksgiving

Traditionally we use Thanksgiving as the perfect time to express thanks for our families and friends.  But it’s noteworthy that most of us tend overlook it as a chance to thank our customers for their support.

All of us at TMA/Chemnet know that our customers are the only reason we can exist. Without your patronage and loyal support we’d all be doing something different to earn our daily bread and be doing it without having had the pleasure of knowing and working with you.

Without your patronage our families might be less secure, and undoubtably our lives would be less fulfilled. But because of it, we’re challenged to deliver what you need, and in turn for doing that as best we can, we’re gratified to receive your support and loyalty.

From all of us we simply want to say a sincere thank you and tell you how very much we appreciate all that you’ve done for us this past year and express the depth of our gratitude for it. Happy Thanksgiving.