Baby it’s… & “Roundtoit” and…

Baby it’s…Cold outside


Unless you reside on the West Coast or the southernmost part of Florida, you know it’s been a pretty rough start on the 2018 Winter season. In the Midwest it’s been near zero a lot more that most remember and even the “snow drought” of the past couple of years is history – Just ask the folks in Erie or Buffalo! It’s the kind of winter that makes you feel pretty smart for having bought that 4X4 truck and the snow blower a few years back!


So, you’re prepared for the worst. But what about those chemicals stored outdoors (or in your truck) that might not fare so well? This might be a good time to take a short class on freezing terminology. That way you’ll know which of the liquid products at risk of freezing are okay and which ones aren’t.


There are two classes of freezable liquid cleaners. The first are items that are considered Freeze/Thaw Stable. That classification means that the chemical was tested by its’ maker by repeated freezing and thawing, during which the product returned to its blended state with little or no agitation.


Then we have the Do Not Freeze labeled items. There the safe bet is that, if frozen, that chemical will separate into layers and upon thawing will not return to its’ uniform blended composition. While it’s possible that a Do Not Freeze warning might be conservative and the item could be okay (with agitation) when thawed, that’s no sure bet.


Next up: One more item to never freeze.

“Roundtoit” and …Other delays


Delay and procrastination are pretty much the natural universal human condition. We plan to lose that ten pounds we put on between Turkey Day and New Year’s Eve …  and that basement recreation room is still in the planning stage after a few years of thinking about it. The problem is both are pretty much in the same condition … two well intentioned plans with no action taken.


In each case the root cause is the same: There’s no deadline for getting started and lots of distractions keep coming along that will prevent there ever being an ending date!


A more down-to-earth version of the “Roundtoit” problem is accomplishing the sales growth gains that we hope to accomplish this year. Let’s be honest: A sales goal with no date, or a concrete value isn’t a goal. It is just a vague wish.


As previous commentaries here have opined, a goal must be believable, achievable and measurable. But it must also have a time frame. In the absence of the “when”, a goal isn’t real. And until we establish that date for starting, we’re wasting time. Getting “roundtoit” eventually, won’t cut it.


Next up: Making goals outcomes.